Matt Macleod

Everything and everyone has a unique story, and when shared in song or word, is a powerful expression of who you are.


Born and raised in Waterloo, Ontario, Matt Macleod grew up in a musical household and started drumming before he could walk. In addition to music, he loved telling and hearing stories, and would spend hours memorizing and recounting them to anyone who would listen.


Not much has changed. Today, he continues to nurture his love for music, master his skills as a musician and producer, and steward these gifts for the Kingdom. Matt specializes in hip-hop, R&B, modern worship, and spoken word production, though his work as a drummer has extended into jazz, gospel, folk, indigenous, and alternative rock. His musical adventures have brought him across Canada, the United States, and South America. 


Matt’s joy for storytelling, especially through music, also continues to grow.  Jesus’ ministry was done through stories, and Matt seeks to follow as a storyteller through his work as a music producer and drummer. 


As the world moves more and more online, Matt’s heart is to connect with people where their attention is: online! His Flyingbow project involves a partnership with Power to Change’s House of Worship Ministries, where he will be working with both Flyingbow and House of Worship artists to produce and release original music that is specifically targeted at various online communities. His goal is to build relationships with people in these communities using music and the arts, engaging them with love and hope and allowing the Holy Spirit to work in their lives.