Gospel Music Industry Hub (GMIHub) is a music industry/ministry development organization that is focused on strengthening the gospel/Christian music scene and its members through projects and events that encourage unity, community, mentorship and talent growth.  

Some of our projects include:

ARTIST SHOWCASES – This is where multiple aspiring, emerging and established Gospel/Christian music artists have he opportunity to share their original songs and story to both a live and online audience.  Various music styles are represented during each showcase, but the message of the Gospel and its power to change lives rings through every showcase event.

COMPILATION PROJECTS – Music artists/teams are invited to create, produce and submit original music based on a theme (e.g. Christmas). Selected songs are presented to radio stations for possible air-time, packaged into an online album and placed on for purchase (a portion of the proceeds of course going back to the artists) (NB:  This project is expanding to also help churches and other missionary organizations in their endeavors in what they are called to do)

LIVE PANEL DISCUSSIONS (GMIHub Online) – We invite industry/ministry professionals onto our livestreamed program, GMIHub Online,  to discuss topics relating to songwriting, music business, music production, audio-visual tech, instrumentation, music ministry and more.

Other projects in the making include an artist-to-artist devotional and  workshop sessions.

Our vision is to be the go-to place …”The Hub”… where participants within the gospel/Christian music scene can be more informed, connect to partner and invest in one another, grow spiritually, and together become better and more effective in what we are called to do.


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