Gospel Music Industry Hub (GMI Hub) is a faith-based ministry that provides information, networking and showcase opportunities to help develop and support the Christian music scene locally, nationally and internationally through projects and events.

GMI Hub’s Projects & Events:

Artist Showcases: Emerging and established Christian music artists share their original songs and the stories behind them to both a live and online audience.  Each showcase consists of various music styles that present the message of the Gospel and its power to change lives. For information on how to participate in an artist showcase our Events page.

Live Panel Discussions: The Hub/GMI Hub Online is a livestreamed and in-person program where industry/ministry professionals discuss topics relating to songwriting, music business, music production, audio-visual tech, music ministry and more. See past shows on YouTube.

Compilation Projects: Artists submit original Christian music based on a theme. Selected songs are made available to radio stations for inclusion in their playlist.  The compilation project is promoted through GMI Hub’s multiple social media and YouTube platforms.

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