Kip SharpeAdvisory Team Member, Marketing and Communications

Kip Sharpe previously served on the Board of Directors of Flyingbow Music Ministry with a combination of corporate, community and association development experience. He combines his IT proficiency with his vast knowledge of organizational analysis, sales and operations.  Kip provided marketing and communications services as the Flyingbow Music Ministry, Director of Ministry Partnerships.

Kip has a BSc in Computer Science from Western University, has an established track record in IT in various industries including municipal government, insurance, service, printing, technology and information systems.  He currently provides full time professional services to the Canadian Association for Child and Play Therapy as their Director of Communications and Publications.
As Co-Owner of The Association Management Company, in Guelph, Ontario, Kip dedicates his time, talents and skills to the support of the not-for-profit community in consulting to foundations, associations and charities in the areas of process improvement, leadership, revenue generation, trend awareness, communications and best practices. He draws on his lifelong learning and faith based studies to improve the quality of life in his community and in the corporations he serves.