1:11 MinistriesMusicians and Artists

A dynamic team of dancers, speakers, and musicians, 1:11 aims to reveal Jesus through their unique and powerful mix of message and medium. Their work has been called “a holy tapestry,” “a visual and auditory feast,” and profoundly moving.

Every 1:11 production is biblically based, artistically excellent, and aims to reveal Jesus to head and heart.

The story of God’s love for us, His restoring and healing power and desire for a personal relationship was powerfully communicated in a visual and auditory feast of story, dance and song. I am so pleased that the creative arts are being used so powerfully to His glory and honour.– Dr. Dave Fowler, Oshawa, ON

A typical 1:11 show is 45-60 minutes long and intersperses power-packed speaking segments (we’ve been called the TED Talks of ministry) with dance and music that explore, enhance, and embody the themes. Not just a message and not just a performance, every 1:11 production is an experience that leads audiences into encounter with God. 1:11 are:

Carolyn Currey (dancer) is 1:11’s principal dancer and chief choreographer. She heads up the dance aspects of the ministry. She is classically trained through the Royal Academy of Dance. Carolyn’s choreography has been called “superbly expressive,” utilizing influences from ballet, jazz, and contemporary dance.
Christa Currey (musician) has played violin and fiddle for fifteen years, performing first with the St. Catharines-based orchestra Mercredi Musique and then as first violin for Soli Deo Gloria Ballet. She is the music director of 1:11.
Mercy Hope (speaker and author)  is one of 1:11’s two primary speakers. Mercy’s love for God and for people shines through her compassionate, relatable, and deeply Christ-centered messages. Mercy is a biblical counselor and the interviewer for FaithTalks.com.
Rachel Starr Thomson (speaker, author and musician) combines a confident, clear speaking style with profound biblical insight. Rachel facilitates the creation of new productions around biblical themes that will speak to the body of Christ in relevant, powerful ways. Rachel also performs with 1:11 as a spoken-word poet and singer. In her other life, Rachel is a multi-published author, penning over 30 works of fiction and nonfiction.
Elyssa Currey (dancer) has danced with 1:11 since its inception as Soli Deo Gloria Ballet in 2007. She completed her graduating exams in ballet with the RAD and ABT in 2015. Her distinctive choreography is featured in many of 1:11’s productions.

1:11 Ministries have joined Flyingbow for the following purposes:

(1) To receive opportunities for funding; (2) To network with other Christian artists and ministries locally and further abroad; (3) To be encouraged and strengthened through mutual prayer and fellowship