Terry Hurd


Terry began to follow Jesus at the age of 14 and that same year started playing the violin.

His first career was in the Air Traffic Control business and it was through the automation of air traffic control systems that he learned computer programming and started his second career as a software developer. This led to the start of his own successful software company, from which he retired in 2018. 

He is happily married to his wife of 53 years, is the proud father of three children who serve the Lord, and grandfather of nine amazing grandchildren.

Terry is actively involved in a local church, leading bible studies, small group ministry, and playing violin with the worship team. He is a humble follower of Jesus, and a relentless apologist for the Christian faith. He met Trevor when he had the privilege of playing beside him in the Living Christmas Tree orchestra at Terry’s church in 2008. He has been a huge fan, follower and eventually a supporter of Trevor and Flyingbow ministries since that time. Terry believes fervently in the mission of Flyingbow.