Flyingbow was originally founded and built around the music ministry and missionary work of violinist, Trevor Dick, and the group of musicians/artists who work with and support him. The ministry has now developed to become a full sending mission organization, to empower a growing team of musicians and artists – all called by God in ministry and outreach work.



Trevor was born in Nigeria of medical missionary parents.  At four Trevor tragically lost his dad in a car accident. From a very early age Trevor told everyone he wanted to be a doctor just like his dad because God had planted a desire to be a missionary – to do things to help people. At a young age, however, Trevor had a real gift in music on the violin. At thirteen, Trevor decided to pursue music, going on to win numerous festivals and competitions and then later attending University of Toronto in music. Trevor had his sights set to be a concert violinist, but in the process thought he had given up that dream to be a missionary. Trevor’s journey in contemporary world styles of music and powerful story of God’s “Fathering,” grace and healing began to open up all kinds of significant doors in ministry and “music missionary” work across Canada and around the World.


Shortly after graduating from University of Toronto in Music and Education, Trevor began his career teaching school and conducting orchestras in the greater Toronto area. Shortly after, he accepted a position as Music/Worship Pastor at Lakeside Church in Guelph, Ontario where he served in music ministry for four years. Throughout these years, Trevor was performing/ministering on the violin and electric violin, and sharing his story with audiences.  Trevor then had a real sense that God was calling him more full time into para-church ministry and missionary work. Trevor took that step of faith in 1997 when he officially launched his music ministry and recorded and released his first album, “NEW BEGINNINGS”. He followed this up in 2003 with a second CD, “5TH STRING BLVD.”  These were rich times of ministry for Trevor where he could see God was really blessing this step of faith and powerfully using him across Canada and in early missionary trips to South Africa and Ecuador.


A Crisis and a Dream of a Better Way

Despite significant fruit and clear confirmation that he was truly being used of God as a musician and speaker, Trevor found himself very much alone in ministry, sixteen thousand dollars in debt (on a line of credit) with a young family and bills to pay. He was feeling quite unsettled about his “calling”.  Trevor says: “ I remember the exact location, on a tour of Alberta, driving in a rental car on the highway between Calgary and Edmonton when I turned to Brad Toews (my ministry partner and keyboard player at the time) and said: ‘Brad, there has to be a better way! I don’t think God wants us to do ministry alone and go into debt in the process. If God doesn’t work some sort of miracle, I think I am going to give up this calling in music ministry’ “  This was a time of “letting go” for Trevor and waiting patiently on God to lead and work a miracle. Trevor was trusting that if God wanted him to continue on in ministry, He would clearly direct, provide and ease this burden.  Shortly after this, Trevor was introduced to Imago.

IMAGO YEARS (2005-2010)


In 2005, Trevor was introduced to Imago, a registered charity that seeks to facilitate creative initiatives in the arts in Canada, with the mandate to affirm the arts and welcome artistry which addresses social and spiritual concerns. Through an application process, Trevor was invited to become an artist under the umbrella of Imago and launch a series of CD projects. These projects were named Flyingbow Music. A domain name of Flyingbow.com was established. For accountability a Board of Directors was established to launch and steer the process. These first Board members were: Marian Boyd, Brad Kurtz (chairs), Suzanne Fraser, Le-Anne Dick and Mendal Slack.

A Foundation

These years saw the early development of policies, financial accountability and prayer support. Shortly after, Flyingbow’s mission statement was penned:  “Music missionaries and artists called by God to encourage others to discover and worship Jesus Christ”. Flyingbow’s vision statement was also developed. This was a rich, exciting time of growth in Trevor’s ministry. He was no longer working alone, but had a wonderful, supportive team behind him. Along with this support came some amazing, miraculous blessings and support.


Amazing Blessings

As Flyingbow Music was launched under the umbrella of Imago a number of significant supporters and donors came forward to support Trevor and his band in ministry. One donor gave a significant gift to the minsitry of $25,000! This was the financial launch of Flyingbow as a self-sustaining ministry. In these years, Trevor and his band produced two more albums: “GLORY & PEACE” (2007) and “YAHWEH” (2010).  The sales of these CD’s went back to Flyingbow to support ongoing ministry. The financial burden Trevor and the team had felt in the early years had now been lifted.


A Registered Charity

In 2010, the Flyingbow Board (encouraged by John Franklin, director of Imago) sensed that God was leading the ministry to seek their own non-profit charitable status from the Government of Canada and so started the application process. Elizabeth Sharpe (chair) Kip Sharpe, Justin Sytsma and John Aarssen were called to be a part of the Board during this important next phase in the development of the ministry.

In March 2010, under the guidance of Frank Valeriote (of Smith & Valeriote Law Firm) Flyingbow was awarded non-profit charitable status by the Government of Canada. They were given the mandate as a charity for musicians and artists to continue to do local to global missionary, kingdom work – with a unique freedom to work within a broad framework of the following four main ministry objectives while sharing their Christian faith:

  • Church ministry support
  • Missions and evangelism
  • Music and arts advocacy and education
  • Support of poverty relief in Canada and abroad

Development of Core Values and Strategic Goals

On Sept. 11, 2010 the Flyingbow Board, Partners and Shareholders held a Strategic Planning Day in Guelph, Ontario. This brainstorming session was pivotal in the development of the ministry. By the end of the day, Flyingbow’s Core Values were established and the framework of a Strategic Plan was laid out. The ministry Core Values became:

  • Excellence
  • Community/Partnership/Teamwork
  • Authenticity/Humility/Integrity
  • Unique/Creative Engagement/Artistic Creativity
  • Servanthood – giving outwardly

These core values gave the ministry focus and clarity in all decision making moving forward.



A Presence

In the years that followed this Strategic Planning meeting, Flyingbow developed a new web site, a social media presence, a ministry brand and a newsletter called “Spotlight”. The ministry also supported and developed new relationships with multiple Christian Mission Organizations that fit with Flyingbow’s objectives.  One such key new relationship was with Gideons Canada / ShareWord International – supporting the going out of God’s word across Canada and around the World in Bible distribution and mission trips. Trevor and Flyingbow strategically partnered with Gideons Canada on a mission trip to Bolivia in 2012 where over 25,000 people made commitments to Jesus (one on one with follow-up) – a partnership with over 200 churches and pastors.   Trevor and ministry partner/guitarist, Tony Lind, once more saw how God used their unique instrumental World-flavoured music to prepare hearts and build bridges to share the gospel. This birthed the development and release in 2015 of another progressive rock, world, jazz fusion CD to be specifically used in this sort of music mission work called “NEW WORLD” under the group moniker, the Trevor Dick Band. A number of new Board members steered the ministry during this period of growth: Bryan Huck (chair), Roy Paul, Karen Duffield, Kevin Mackan, Robert White (next chair) and Bob Moore.

New Artist Partnerships (2015-present)

Re-evaluation, Revisioning and Imagining

2015 into early 2016 saw the re-evaluation of all Flyingbow’s projects to make sure they still clearly fit with the objectives of the ministry. This was a time of praying, stretching and seeking the Lord in re-visioning and imagining His plan for the ministry. God was calling Trevor and the Board to take new steps for growth and expansion. Over the next year, new policies and procedures were developed to bring on new artists to meet the local to global objectives of Flyingbow. Two new Board members joined the ministry to help steer this process: Brian Watson and Steve Marfisi.


New Growth to Include a Diverse Team of Artists: 2016-2019

With a strong foundation in place, we moved forward with a fresh focus to grow the ministry to include a diverse team of musicians and artists who are called by God in ministry and missionary/outreach work. In December of 2016 into 2017 we were happy to invite 1:11 Ministries, Okama and Michael Austin Harris to join Trevor Dick as artists with Flyingbow, to actively meet the objectives of the ministry. This team of artists did a number of exciting outreach projects right through into 2019. During this time, we also welcomed two new Board Members: Susan Acheson and Kevin Lloyd.


More Growth and Bold Steps of Faith: 2019-2020

With a new goal to grow and broaden our ministry reach, Flyingbow brought on four new artists in 2019 to 2020: Verese Vassell-Bowen, Phil Williams, Matt Macleod and Jesse Green. This marked the expansion of Flyingbow across Canada (from Nova Scotia to British Columbia). In January of 2020, Trevor Dick, in response to a clear call from God, decided to take a bold step of faith from primarily being an artist with Flyingbow to a full-time position as the Executive/Artistic Director. We also saw the addition of Margaret Hardy on the Board of Directors. Brian Watson and Steve Marfisi moved into co-chair positions on the Board.

Present Mandate

We are excited to continue to move forward with our mandate to join Christian artists in Canada with donors and patrons who will enable and give more freedom in Kingdom work with this unique music and arts missionary sending organization. Thank you for joining us on this amazing journey!