Development & Outreach Coordinator Position

About Flyingbow

Committed to the mission of sharing the gospel message of Jesus Christ with others, Flyingbow is a full sending mission organization. We support artists and musicians across Canada and around the World in their ministry to reach others with the truth through their talents and passions. Founded in 2010 with a vision for growth, Flyingbow continues to spread its reach to artists and communities across Canada through music, dance, and visual arts to universities, local churches, prison ministries, indigenous communities and more.

Development and Outreach Coordinator Position

The DOC is responsible for community engagement and relationship building with networks of churches, arts organizations, missions organizations, and artist recruitment. This includes assisting the Executive Artistic Director (EAD) in building relationships with existing community, church and foundation partners and creating new relationships. The DOC will report to the EAD, and will support the financial and operational development of Flyingbow’s mission. They will also be thoroughly committed to Flyingbow’s mission, vision, core values and objectives to establish, influence and support a culture of Christian values within the arts. 

Spiritual Attributes

  • Is a follower of Jesus. 
  • Adheres to the Statement of Faith of Flyingbow.
  • Is in community with other believers as an active, serving member of a local church.
  • Strives to be a contagious witness for Christ
  • Is accountable to Flyingbow Executive Artistic Director (and a few other Christians) for encouragement, sharpening and staying strong in the Lord. 


  • To facilitate and build relationships with networks of churches, arts organizations, missions organizations and foundations.
  • To seek opportunities for artistic and mission partnerships with other organizations
  • To build an internal culture of giving for the organizations staff, artists, and board members, all as valuable ambassadors for the Flyingbow mission and include this in an annual fundraising/support raising strategy.
  • To assist in building strategy for securing operational funding for internal needs, including but not limited to staff salaries.
  • To work closely with the Administrative Coordinator to maintain a mailing list of partners, supporters and donors using CRM database technology.
  • To assist with communications regarding campaign initiatives with the assistance of the Communications Coordinator (i.e. web presence, blog posts, social media initiatives and mailings). 
  • To send out regular prayer/praise request updates to your supporters. Participate and help to organize events and meetings that further relationships with Flyingbow stakeholders (collaborative partners, donors and ministry partners).
  • To aid in marketing and fundraising activities/events that increase the profile of Flyingbow, as needed. 
  • To liaise with Flyingbow artists regarding campaign training and resources.
  • To access personal support raising training when available and appropriate. 
  • To perform other duties as required. 

Experience and Education

A minimum of one to three years of previous experience is suggested. Education in business, administration, and working knowledge of non-profit/charitable organizations is an asset. This position requires good computer skills, the ability to multi-task, an attention to detail and excellent organizational skills. Experience in marketing, public relations, and fundraising experience would be beneficial. Character, personality, and organizational fit will also be considered. 

Location, Structure, and Remuneration

Location: Guelph. Home-based/virtual position with occasional in person meetings as permitted.

Structure: Part-time contract position. 15-20 hrs/wk. Increasing as needed.

Remuneration: 100% support-raised salary.

Application Process

Those interested in joining the Flyingbow team, please submit your resume and cover letter detailing your experience and interest in joining the Flyingbow mission to Please contact this address with any other questions or inquiries.

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