A Passing of the Baton on the Flyingbow Board

The end of 2020 saw the “passing of the baton” on the Flyingbow Board of Directors from Robert White, who has served as the chair of Flyingbow for a number of years, to newly appointed co-chairs: Steve Marfisi and Brian Watson. We want to sincerely thank Robert for his years of excellent service on the Board. Robert is a true champion of music and the arts in Canada and has played a significant role in helping us develop the strong foundation we have, including excellent work on changes to our non-profit charitable ministry’s governance documents to allow Flyingbow to expand the scope of its ministry. Read more here.  Robert will continue to serve out his term on the Board in 2021. He is also in the process of writing and releasing his memoir.  We wish him God’s continued blessings and empowering in the years ahead!  FB

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