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Changes allows ministry more flexibility
in where, how and with whom it can minister

GUELPH, ON—Flyingbow, a Canadian music and arts ministry, celebrates its 10th anniversary with a new flexibility in carrying out its ministry and mission.

Recently approved changes to non-profit charitable ministry’s governance documents allow Flyingbow to expand the scope of its ministry in three areas:

1) Flyingbow partner artists now have more flexibility in where they can minister, in both traditional and non-traditional performance venues.

2) Flyingbow partner artists have more flexibility to take part in activities where an overt expression of faith isn’t appropriate but through lifestyle evangelism still testify to their Christian beliefs.

3) The Flyingbow Board now has more flexibility to expand beyond the music arts and partner with artists from other disciplines such as writers, visual artists, dancers, actors, theatre groups, etc.

Registered as a Canadian non-profit charity in 2009, Flyingbow works with Christian musicians and artists who are called to live out their faith and art locally to globally. Originally created to support artistic director Trevor Dick and his music ministry, Flyingbow expanded in 2017 by adding three partner ministries: Okama, Michael Austin Harris and 1:11 Ministries.

As the Board of Directors looked at how the ministry could develop, it discovered the wording in Flyingbow’s original governing objectives limited what it could do. These were part of a legal document approved by the Charities Directorate of the Canada Revenue Agency and, as the Board discovered, could only be changed with CRA approval.

During the past few years, the Board sought advice (both legal and practical) before crafting and drafting a set of amended objectives that would both meet the direction God was leading Flyingbow and the government’s requirement for a religious charity. The submitted changes were approved by the CRA in late 2018. The Board received the amended documentation from its lawyer’s office in February.

“We’re excited about the increased flexibility the ministry now has as a result of these changes,” says Dick. “The ministry’s desire to see arts impact the world for God through Flyingbow can now more readily be put into action.”

Flyingbow’s objectives can be found here:

For a link to Flyingbow’s partner ministries click here

For more information contact:
Trevor Dick
Artistic Director, Flyingbow

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  • Clayton Dougan

    I deeply appreciate the ministry of Flying Bow and pray regularly for all they are doing.

    • Trevor Dick

      Thank you Clayton! We really appreciate your prayers. God’s blessings! Trevor of Flyingbow

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