Flyingbow: A New God-Given Direction

Robert White, Chair of Flyingbow Board of Directors
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The first time I saw Trevor Dick in action was as part of the Lakeside Church worship team. I was impressed with the violinist whose style reminded me of Hugh Marsh (who frequently played with Bruce Cockburn).

Through my work as the editor of ChristianWeek Ontario I started to connect with Trevor on some of the projects he was involved in, including a missions trip to Ecuador. During interviews and coffee chats, I found out more and more about Trevor and his vision for a ministry of music artists that would minister locally, nationally and globally. And he learned about my passion to support and encourage the intersection of faith, arts and culture.

This led to an invitation, in the fall of 2010, to take part in a Flyingbow Music Ministry strategic planning retreat where board members and other supporters helped discern God’s direction for Flyingbow. Shortly after that session, I was given an invitation to serve on the board.

In the nearly six years I’ve been involved with Flyingbow, the board has diligently worked towards meeting the strategic objectives laid out at the 2010 retreat. But during the last year or so, the board has questioned whether or not God had a different direction for the ministry. Much discussion, prayer and thought has gone into Flyingbow’s new direction. The move to bringing partner artists to join Trevor as part of the Flyingbow fold has been challenging and rewarding. The board looks forward to the addition of the ministries of Michael Austin Harris, 1:11 Ministries and Okama as partners with Flyingbow.

Each of these artists have been called by God to use their talents to further His kingdom. I’m excited that Flyingbow, in this new God-given direction, will be able to support and encourage these artists in a practical way. And I’m looking forward to seeing many more join the Flyingbow fold in the future.  RW


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